The Location

The beaches from Stratoni until Nea Roda are considered to be the most beautiful beaches of Halkidiki. The pristine forests that stretch around Ierissos are known for their rarely beautiful flora and fauna. The mountainous Halkidiki with its beautiful villages, the unique culinary culture and its organized hiking trails can offer unique experiences to visitors seeking something more than just the sea.

Explore the history and the culture of Aristotle’s land.

The location of Kiparissi Villa is ideal for visitors who want to explore a great variety of experiences and dive into the historic and cultural Halkidiki.

The place where Ierissos is today located, was once the place where the ancient city of Acanthus was built. Remnants of this glorious city were discovered and have created a marvelous archaeological site, which is ready to be explored.

The ancient city of Stageira is the birthplace of the great philosopher, Aristotle. In 2016 it was announced that the tomb of Aristotle was probably found. The archaeological site is situated enjoys also a spectacular sea view. While visiting Stageira you can also visit Aristotle’s Park, which is located nearby.

One of the biggest engineering projects in the glorious past was constructed during the Persian Wars by Xerxes, so as to facilitate the passage of the fleet. Traces of this huge project are still evident today in the region.